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(Holiday Pre-Sale 50% OFF) EdgerPro™ Mini Rechargeable Chainsaw

(Holiday Pre-Sale 50% OFF) EdgerPro™ Mini Rechargeable Chainsaw

(Holiday Pre-Sale 50% OFF) EdgerPro™ Mini Rechargeable Chainsaw

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 Perfect Mini Chainsaw For DIY Lovers And Home Decorators!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for a DIY lover or for someone who just have some shrub cutting project. Do you want the smallest chainsaw possible?

One that’s easy to use to get a ton of tree pruning done in the shortest amount of time?

If so, the EdgerPro mini chainsaw will be your go-to machine. You use it just like a chainsaw and it makes super-fast cuts that are easy and safe.



  •  These days, mini chainsaws come in a variety of types like electric, and battery powered but can be hard to know which one to choose. 

Why Do You Need This 

  • Prune Limbs — the EdgerPro™ mini chainsaw is the perfect pruning tool for small trees, clearing brush, and cutting thicker tree branches from the ground. The small size also makes it easy to handle and get into tough spots
  • Trim Bushes — hedge clippers and electric trimmers can only get you so far when trimming bushes. Especially when you have thicker branches to cut. A small chainsaw can tackle bushes with ease and make the work go much faster.
  • Cut Logs —  after falling a tree, it is much easier to use a small chainsaw to cut it up into manageable pieces. The same goes for cleaning up after trees that have fallen down in your yard unexpectedly.


  • Split Firewood — One of the most popular reasons for owning a lightweight chainsaw is that it makes the work of splitting firewood a breeze.
  • EdgerPro™ eliminate the aches and pains you feel when using an axe for this purpose. 
  • The EdgerPro™ uses Lithium-ion battery that lasts around 30-45 minutes for actual cutting time. That’s a common trade-off for the luxuries of using a battery powered tool. Picking up a second battery is a must if you plan to do any time extensive work.



  • One- handed operation. Easy to use without having to strain to lift unlike other other bulky chainsaws.




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